HFMA - Hospital Fire Marshals Association - So that lives saved by science and skill may not be lost - by fire

Awards Committee
Chairman: Tim Hawks, Mercy Philadelphia.
215-748-9450 or thawks@mercyhealth.org

The Awards Committee makes the decision on whether a submitted nomination is worthy of HFMA recognition and to what degree. Members are encouraged to nominate employees from their facility who went one step beyond their job requirements to resolve a safety or security issue such as a fire, threat, etc.   MORE...

Code Committee
Chairman: Bernard J. Mack, Jr., Nazareth Hospital.
215-671-8028 or Bjm2347@verizon.net

The Code Committee is responsible in keeping members updated in code changes that would affect their position and to help them be better prepared for surveys by regulatory and accreditation authorities.

Education Committee
Chairman: Nichole Keehn, Cintas Fire Protection.
610-233-1400 or Keehnn@cintas.com

The Education Committee is responsible for arranging educational programs such as Breakfast Forums, Seminars, etc. that would be beneficial to the membership.

Fire Service Committee
Chairman: Jim Connell, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
215-615-3422 or conneljt@uphs.upenn.edu

The Fire Service Committee is responsible for maintaining close relationships between the HFMA and the fire service and to provide information concerning the special needs of healthcare and educational facilities concerning fire prevention, fire suppression and response.   MORE...

Golf Committee
Chairman: Bob Shewbrooks, HFMA President.
215-338-1052 or bobshew@aol.com

The Golf Committee is responsible for arranging all segments of the annual golf benefit supporting the Burn Foundation and the HFMA's Art Anderson Scholarship Fund

Membership Committee
Chairman: Bob Shewbrooks, HFMA President.
215-338-1052 or bobshew@aol.com

The Membership Committee is responsible for publicizing the values of an HFMA membership and to work diligently in its growth.   MORE...

Newsletter Committee / Web Committee
Chairman: Bob Shewbrooks, HFMA President.
215-338-1052 or bobshew@aol.com

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for obtaining advertisements and articles for the monthly publication of the HFMA News. In turn, newsletter information is passed along to the web site manager for inclusion on the website.   MORE...

Nursing Home, Personal Care, Etc. Committee
Chairman: Ted Cannon, Phila. Protestant Home.
215-697-8045 or Tcannon@pphfamily.org

This committee is responsible for advising employees having specialized healthcare interests aware of the programs offered by the HFMA to promote the organization and to stay abreast of any code requirements that are specific to such areas.

Program Committee
Chairman: Joe McCarey, McCarey & Associates.
215-624-2026 or jmccassociates@aol.com

The Program Committee is responsible for obtaining programs of interests and knowledgeable speakers to address the membership at the HFMA monthly meetings.   MORE...

Public Relations Committee
Chairman: Bill Bankhead, School District of Phila.
215-332-7371 or wbankhead@phila.k12pa.us

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for promoting the efforts of the HFMA by issuing News Releases and articles to local newspapers, radio and TV media.   MORE...

Scholarship Committee
Chairman: John Skarbek, Retired.
215-699-2760 or j_skarbek1@juno.com

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for promoting the scholarship program and developing means to increase the number awarded annually to HFMA members and/or to their spouse or child.   MORE...

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